Monday, 2 May 2011

The Final Week

So here it is. One week left. Orders are still pouring in for official You Didn't Win postcards, and we're sending them out as fast as we can, but if you don't have time to get them, remember that you can send any postcard you want to 10 Downing Street, as long as you write a 'you didn't win' message on the back! And don't forget to take photos of your cards and upload them using youdidntwin as a tag!

Remember that we want cards to be sent early on May 5th to arrive in time for May 6th, the anniversary of the election no-one won. And remember the address you need to send cards to: David Cameron, 10 Downing Street, London SW1A 2AA.

Now for the new stuff. For this last week, we want to let as many people know about the campaign as possible. That's where we need your help. We want to get #youdidntwin trending on twitter this week. So tell your friends about it. Tweet people you think will RT the hashtag. Email people. Talk to people about it! Contact your MP and see if they want to get involved - we're really pleased that Washington and Sunderland West MP Sharon Hodgson has agreed to take some of our cards and distribute them. Obviously it helps if your MP is Labour but don't forget that, as we've said here before, recognition that Dave didn't win extends across the political spectrum. If you have a really right-wing Tory as your local MP they might feel Cameron needs a reminder of his failure to carry enough of the vote at the last election to form a majority government too!

Remember why we're doing this: Cameron's Tory-led government needs to be reminded that it has no mandate for its policies; that they failed to secure a big enough parliamentary majority to form a government on their own. Cameron's support for the 'First Past the Post' electoral system has been all over the news with the referendum approaching - if he supports the system so much he must also be aware that he failed to win under that system. So why does he press on with ideologically-driven policies which not enough of the electorate supports? Why does he keep acting as if he did win, bullying and patronising opponents and refusing to accept criticism or moderate his policies? Because he can get away with it: because even when people mention that he didn't win, they do so in passing and move on to other matters.

To resist the Tory-led government's policies we must stress their lack of legitimacy. David Cameron's failure to win the last election should not be something we stress in passing, it needs to form the core of our opposition to the government he leads. Our aim in this campaign is to remind Cameron that he can't pretend he won anymore, and to put his failure to win at the centre of political discourse about this government.

And that is why, during this final week of our campaign, we want the words You Didn't Win spread far and wide. Please help us do that in whatever way you can.

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